Proof of work experience and a certificate to confirm the experience in the activity

Directorate of Economic Development

Cilj: Applicants are able to obtain certificates of work experience or business experience for the purpose of pension, reference for new job applications, etc.

Opis: The applicant submits the request to the Admission Office, which is then forwarded to the Department of Economic Development where the officer upon request will check and verify the employment contract or the years (length) of experience in the business activity. If conditions are met by the the applicant, a certificates of work experience or business experience will be issued.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost Administrativne procedure Permanent

Potrebne informacije

  • Name and Surname
  • Time and place where he/she has worked
  • Type of work (sector, post)
  • Address of the workplace
  • Contact information of the applicant

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Potrebna dokumentacija

  • ID card (Copy)

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