Arbitrary usurpation of public owned land

Directorate for Urbanism and Protection of Environment

Cilj: Discovering and removing usurpations of public owned land.

Opis: The procedure is initiated on the applicant's request. The officer records the site together with the team from the Directorate for Geodesy and based on the factual situation, the officer gives his opinion (decision or conclusion) on the usurpation or not of the public parcel/property. In case it is a decision on non-usurpation of public property the procedure is terminated. In case the officer concludes that public property has been usurped, the ruling is serviced to the usurper.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost Administrativne procedure Permanent

Potrebne informacije

  • The address of the socially-owned facilities believed to be usurped
  • Name and surname and general information of the citizen who has made the request

Predvidjeni rok u okviru kog se treba dati odgovor na postupak ( u danima) 30

Potrebna dokumentacija

  • Ownership Certificate (Original)

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