Request for consent for parcelization

Directorate for Urbanism and Protection of Environment

Cilj: Obtaining consent for parcelization that guarantees that the division of the parcel is permissible and does not constitute a violation of the urban settlement for that zone. It is required as additional documentation for the request for the division of the parcel.

Opis: The applicant applies at the Directorate for Urbanism and Protection of Environment. The officer will examine the request and decide whether to accept or reject the request for consent for parcelization.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost Administrativne procedure Permanent

Potrebne informacije

  • Name and Surname
  • Contact information
  • Information on the location for which a construction permit is being requested
  • Address of residence
  • ID Number

Predvidjeni rok u okviru kog se treba dati odgovor na postupak ( u danima) 30

Potrebna dokumentacija

  • A copy of the plan with the proposal for parcelisation (Original)
  • Ownership Certificate (Original)
  • Consent for parcelisation (in case of more than one land owner) (Original)
  • Property Tax Confirmation (Original)

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