Request for cleaning black spots (wild landfills)

Directorate for Public Services

Cilj: Cleanup the environment from waste

Opis: The applicant submits the request to the Admission Office for cleaning up of the landfill. The request is forwarded to the Directorate for Public Services where the competent person reviews the request, conducts a field inspection, determines the waste volume and then acquires the approval from the Director of the Directorate in relation to the work that has to be performed.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost Administrativne procedure Validity of the document related to the due date of the activity.

Potrebne informacije

  • Name and Surname
  • General information of the applicant (contact information, personal number, etc.)
  • Location where intervention is required

Predvidjeni rok u okviru kog se treba dati odgovor na postupak ( u danima) 30

Potrebna dokumentacija

  • Site photos (NONE)

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