Finding/obtaining document from the Archive

Directorate of General Administration

Cilj: Citizens may be provided with a copy of archived files. The same also will be legalized to be used as may be necessary by the citizen.

Opis: The applicant files a request to the Admission Office. The officer in the archives will search the file according to the year. In case the file is old and there are no records the applicant may look it up at the inter-municipal archive, if there are any. If the file is found in the archives, it will be copied and legalized based on the original by the legalization officer. After this procedure the applicant is provided with a copy of legalized document.

Pranvi osnov

Punovaznost Administrativne procedure Permanent

Potrebne informacije

  • Name and Surname
  • General information (address, telephone number, personal number)
  • Year in which the request was submitted/decision received
  • Name of application/request

Predvidjeni rok u okviru kog se treba dati odgovor na postupak ( u danima) 30

Potrebna dokumentacija

  • ID card (Copy)
  • A written or oral request of the party (Original)

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