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Permission to supply commercial shops.

Directorate for Public Services

To enable shops to interrupt traffic circulation for a short period for supplying with goods.

Request for acquiring permission to block the road (intervention on the road)

Directorate for Public Services

The temporary blocking of the road on which construction work is performed.

Request for the new construction of the drinking water supply point

Directorate for Public Services

Regular water supply for citizens by extending the water supply network

Consent for the transfer of bodies within the country

Directorate for Public Services

Changing the location of the grave of remains, usually returning at the place of birth within Kosovo.

Consent for the repatriation of the body (remains) from abroad.

Directorate for Public Services

The repatriation of remains of Kosovo citizens to their homeland.

Consent to initiate the research for the construction of hydro centrals and other centrals (wind, solar, biomass) and energy efficiency

Directorate for Public Services

Meeting certain preconditions and obtaining the consent to initiate the research for the possibility of constructing the hydro central - renewable resources or energy efficiency