Filtro kërkimin

Plotësoni fushat e mëposhtme për të filtruar kërkimin e lejeve dhe licencave

Request for verification of damages caused by nature, human or other factor

Directorate for Safety and Rescue

Verification of damage to facilities, roads, environment (planes, forest, etc.) by nature and other technical/technological factors. Drafting the report on the situation and decision on restoring the ...

Request for police assistance (during cultural and sports events, protests, etc).

Directorate for Safety and Rescue

It allows events to be covered by police security in order to provide sufficient public safety.

Certificate of protection against fire for high construction (at the municipal level: building height G+4, category 3 and 4)

Directorate for Safety and Rescue

The purpose of the procedure is prevention and elimination of fire accidents in new buildings, since their construction.

Verbal requests for emergency interventions (No. 112)

Directorate for Safety and Rescue

The fastest and most accurate of reporting an emergency and quick reaction protection and rescue units/structures of the municipality.

Confirmation of military service status

Directorate for Safety and Rescue

Citizens are provided with a valid document by municipal authorities in order to complete the documentation required by embassies for visa applications and residence permits in other countries.

Request for risk assessment

Directorate for Safety and Rescue

Confirmation of the level of risk to citizens or property and initiation of procedures in order to remove the risk and remedy the situation.