Acquiring citizenship by naturalization and by naturalization of the spouse

Directorate of General Administration

Purpose: The purpose of the procedure is acquisition of Kosovo citizenship.

Description: Applicants have to apply for citizenship acquisition at the Admission Office. The request must be made in person. The applicant completes the form and gives the oath of accepting the law and the constitutional order. The completed form is then sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs where the central committee on citizenship will decide whether conditions for citizenship acquisition have been met. Once the Minister issues the decision, the Civil Status officer implements that decision.

Legal basis

Validity of procedure administrative: Permanent

Information requested

  • Name (parent's name) Surname
  • General information (address, telephone number, personal number)
  • Current Residence

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 180

Documents requested

  • Birth and marriage certificates (for married couples) (Original)
  • Proof of valid residence permit for 5 years in the Republic of Kosovo (Original)
  • Proof of no outstanding financial obligations (Original)
  • Proof of adequate housing (for the applicant and his/her Dependants (Original)
  • Proof of basic skills in one of the official languages (Copy)
  • Proof of no ongoing criminal investigation and no conviction for a criminal offense (Original)
  • Evidence showing possession of sufficient means to secure means for living and of his/her Dependants (Original)
  • ID document (Original)
  • A written statement recognizing the constitutional and legal order of the Republic of Kosovo (Original)
  • Marriage certificate which proves at least 3 years of legally valid marriage with the Kosovo citizen (for request for naturalization of the spouse) (Original)
Free of charge

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