Loss of citizenship of an adult of the Republic of Kosovo by relinquishing

Directorate of General Administration

Purpose: The applicant is able to renounce the Kosovo citizenship, in order to acquire the citizenship of another country.

Description: The request is filed with the Civil Status Office. The applicant, who must be present, fills out the form and gives the oath that he/she is neither a Civil servant, Judge, Prosecutor, Police Officer, nor a member of the Kosovo Security Forces. A completed application is sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs where the committee on citizenship will decide whether conditions for citizenship renunciation have been met. When a decision is made on the renouncement, the applicant may withdraw the decision from the Ministry of Interior Affairs where a service fee must be paid. The Civil Status officer in Gjakova implements the decision into the Civil Status Register.

Legal basis

Validity of procedure administrative: Permanent

Information requested

  • Name (parent's name) Surname
  • General information (contact number, personal number)
  • Date and place of birth
  • The address in the foreign country and in Kosovo

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 90

Documents requested

  • Proof of possession of citizenship of another country or a guarantee that such citizenship will be granted (Original)
  • Birth Certificate (Original)
  • ID card (Copy)
  • Evidence of last place of residence in the Republic of Kosovo (Original)
  • Proof of no outstanding state financial obligations (Original)
  • Evidence from municipal center for social work that all financial obligations towards persons for whom by law he/she is responsible have been met. (Original)
  • Proof of no ongoing criminal investigation and no conviction for a criminal offense (Original)
  • Proof of no ongoing criminal investigation and of no conviction in the country where the request for acquisition of citizenship is being made (not older than 6 months) (Original)
  • An Affidavit confirming that the citizen requesting renunciation from citizenship is not a Civil servant, a Judge, a Public Prosecutor, a member of the Kosovo Police, a member of the Kosovo Security Forces or a member of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency. (Original)
  • Proof of residence in a foreign country, where one lives. (Original)
Free of charge

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