Late registration is performed in the Civil Status Registers (after the 30-day period)

Directorate of General Administration

Purpose: Registration of all Kosovo citizens in the Civil Status Registers.

Description: The applicant applies for late registration in the Admission Office and presents the required documents. (Parents of the child must be present. In case of a registration of person over 10 years old, his/her declaration is also required). The officer issues the decision on late registration, it is made formal and registered in the Civil Status Registers.

Legal basis

Validity of procedure administrative: Permanent

Information requested

  • Name, surname (name of parent)
  • General information (address, telephone number, personal number of the party)

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 30

Documents requested

  • Birth Extract of both parents (Original)
  • Proof that the child is not registered in the civil Status Registry at the parent's birthplace, etc. (Original)
  • Confirmation from the health institution on vaccinations (Copy)
  • ID cards of parents and witnesses (Copy)
  • Parents' marriage certificate (if unmarried, birth certificates of both parents is required) (Original)
  • In case of unmarried parents, as record of acceptance of paternity and maternity will be made (children and parents are required to be present) (Original)
  • For registration of births outside health institutions a statement of at least 2 witnesses who have assisted during delivery or have direct knowledge of childbirth is required. (Original)
Free of charge

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